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Friday, September 26, 2014

An Entry To Last Year's Young-Writer-Summer-Program.

I know what my daughter did last summer… she submitted an entry, a poem/song, through the Inquirer-Young-Writer-Summer-Program. But, we heard nothing from them about the result of the contest. So, let me share with you my 14-year old daughter's composition. 

Despair for Me, O Loved Ones
A song by Jana F. F. Magadia

The protagonist’s note to his mother:

Dear mother, I’m off to a faraway place
But you needn’t despair for me;
I’ve heard ev’ry man who has come to this place
Becomes a shadow of peace.

The protagonist’s note to his father:

                                    Dear father, I’m off to a faraway place
                                    But you needn’t despair;
                                    A loaded gun for the shield of your son
                                    I shall wield for this journey.

The protagonist’s note to his wife:

                                    Dear darling wife, the love of my life
                                    You shan’t cry of me, not morn or night,
                                    But darling, please, watch over our child
                                    As she ages with her dreams of dark and wild.

The wife’s letter to the protagonist:

                                    My dear, you’re insane, I suggest you rest,
                                    And yes, I shan’t cry at dramatic events
                                    Our daughter is safe from the wildest of dreams
                                    She now plays with the heaven’s seraphim 

A note found in front of the daughter’s gravestone:

                                    Dear child, sleep well, I will be there,
                                    We’ll play with the angels soon.
                                    We’ll rejoice in the light of the One who gives light,
                                    The light of the sun and the moon

The protagonist’s letter to his wife as he arrived in the said destination:

                                    My dear, I’ve arrived in this wonderful place.
                                    There I maiden greeted me.
                                    Her eyes were dark and yet they sparked.
                                    Darling, rejoice for me.

                                    I knew you despised me night and day,
                                    Your eyes showed bright and angry flames.
                                    Now I’m to depart from all I loved
                                    To repose in the mountains and beyond
                                    Go find a man to bring you peace,
                                    Remove me from your memories.
                                    Make love to him and cook him game,
                                    Marry and forget this shameful pain.

The wife’s letter to the protagonist:

                                    I’ve found a man with a noble name,
                                    And love, I’ve made love to him!
                                    I’ve accepted his offer, made sons and a daughter
                                    But by the act of sin.

                                    I haven’t been a faithful wife
                                    You dissatisfied my lust.
                                    I had no choice but to go off
                                    With the man I truly love

A letter from the protagonist to his wife after staying in the said destination for a few days:

                                    Her skin was pink, her hair was fire,
                                    Her lips showed me lust and desire,
                                    Her breasts were full and bathed in gold
                                    And when we kiss, her wings unfold

                                    And there I felt the love where obsession and death conquers.
                                    She laughed a pretty laugh when she threw me to the fires
                                    Where I thought I’d meet our child but our daughter wasn’t there.
                                    Then I was blinded, not by the light, but by the darkness of hell.

The unfaithful wife’s first husband was found dead in his study. A pistol was lying on the floor and its muzzle pointed at the door. When his holed head was lifted from a blood-stained blueprint, it was said that the sheet had a sketch of an unknown pentagram. 

Yes, yes, yes! I know it and  I admit it, she is a better writer than me. If you want to read her other works, check out her wattpad account Dreamshard.