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Monday, October 14, 2013

Dencio's at Capitol Hills, Quezon City

I was flattered when my hubby brought us ( the kids and I) to Dencio's in Capitol Hills, Quezon City. It's a restaurant at the top of a building where you can watch the setting of the sun. Its a hilly place overlooking some portion of Metro Manila and a golf course.  The surroundings sparkled in the evening which added loving mood to the venue.

The ambiance was supposed to be nice, cool and romantic but I was worried that my very active children might fall down the open space where some people were more likely to drink than to dine. So we opted for the non-smoking secluded and secured area .

We ordered for a sizzling mushroom (Janjan's favorite) and chicken but it was not savory. It was not exceptional. I cannot appreciated its flavor.

I also find the staff unorganized. We waited for the food longer than was expected. And as we leave the adorable site, there were messy tables in the open and smoking area. It must be that the restaurant was under staff on that day.