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Saturday, August 31, 2013


Hello! So sorry to keep you waiting for my next review. Well, I happen to be at City Buffet in SM City Fairview one monday evening. And I had another whirlwind romance with various cuisines. The City Buffet serves European, Asian and other international cuisines.

Since it was a rainy monday, few foodies were around enjoying not only the food but also the new found place to have sumptuous dinner. I was able to more or less tasted all the food that captured my scrutinizing eyes. We had a great night of indulgence. 

The venue was huge and lots of various cuisines were so tempting to ignore. Some customers were on a dinner date, others were having family bonding/reunion and several groups were having birthday celebrations, who can not notice with the staff's vigorous singing.

Kudos to the staff who were accommodating and friendly which gave me reason to smile while I feasted my eyes on every item. Since, I have sweet tooth, I stayed must of the time on the desserts station.
I was able to talk with several of their staff who gave me some food info and assisted me in taking pictures.  They even showed me how to make a crepe with filling of your own choice or with different combinations. The most requested filling was the blueberry and since my husband loves strawberry I requested for a combination. The result was awesome! 

My husband and I were planning to come back with our daughters and son.