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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sulo Riviera Hotel: A Simple Celebration In An Elegant Venue.

My eldest daughter recently turned 13 and we were fortunate that friends invited us to celebrate with them over dinner in Sulo Riviera.  The place is so elegant and beautiful. 
It was supposed to be a fine dining experience for all of us but with my two younger kids in-tow, it was practically impossible.  However, the whole staff was so accommodating that even if my kids were not behaving appropriately, we were treated nicely and with a lot of understanding.  My kids have this special talent of taming people and in return the staff began adoring them.

For casual dining, we chose Café Paraiso, a special place over- looking the pool which my kids found awesome. I then took pictures of them.

The Sulo Riviera has various dining places and each one caters to a certain crowd. There is a grand setting for fine and formal dinners which is a little bit intimidating, a corner for those who like to listen to music and have some drink, a place for intimate business meeting and lastly, a nook for those having special dinner dates.

The place is overwhelmingly grand, strange and far from ordinary. 

But, as we went along, I can say that the place is cozy, comfortable and homey. Even the comfort room with built- in pipe music is clean and well-maintained.

Since it was a birthday celebration con meeting, we opted for Sulo Riviera’s special pancit bihon, fried chicken, rice and their salmon. 

The pancit was served in a unique and slanting white bowl with the special garnishing and it looked appetizing. The flavor was savory, not salty and oily which was fine with me. (I watched my cholesterol level every now and then since according to my last check up, it was very high.) The vegetables were a little crunchy which means that the ingredients used were fresh.  

The fried chicken (kids’ favorite) was serve with lemon and cucumber garnishing. It was tasty, juicy and flavorful. Their special sauce added more flavor to the chicken and so did the” atchara”. 

The salmon was enticingly and attractively presented. Unfortunately, I was not able to take a picture and taste it, that’s the prize of being a mother and nanny to my kids. Sometimes, I can only eat their left- overs for fear of wasting food. But, as I looked at it, it was steam- cooked and was garnished with some slices of lemon and some unfamiliar ingredients/leaves. It must be basil or rosemary.

Anyway, my daughter enjoyed our dinner and I will be looking forward to visit the place again with my husband on some special occasion. It was a life time experience to remember and reminisce. And my kids had a good time.