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Saturday, June 15, 2013

A Wedding Reception at Alex III

When your daughter is included in a wedding entourage, you become "fidgety". Call me a "stage mother"...

It was the wedding day of Mike and Donna, our couple friends, and it was modestly prepared. Their union were lovingly officiated by a friend priest in a small chapel attended by their respective families, relatives and friends.

The reception was held at the comfortable, simple and spacious Alex III in Matalino St. Quezon City. 

We had some creamy soup and fish fillet with rich white sauce, which I like the most. But, the savory and soft beef tenderloin was irresistible to the last bite. There was also the traditional crunchy lechon and flavorful pansit bihon. It was the leche flan with such fine texture and the right amount of sweetness that captured my sweet tooth. Lovely taste! But the downside of this dessert was, it was serve smaller than I expected. Bottles of red and white wines were, likewise, distributed for each table.


I cannot help but commend the friendly, accommodating and professional service rendered by their staff and suggest this place to my other friends.