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Sunday, April 7, 2013

A Review for Primero Casa Filipino

I was invited by a friend of mine, Marra, to join her visit Primero Casa Filipino (PCF), a dining place offering an eat-all-you can buffet, to make a review.   

Primero Casa Filipino
The establishment is located along Scout Torillo corner Scout Fernandez in Quezon City.  It was an ancestral house before it was converted into a restaurant. We met some of the personnel who were all friendly and accommodating. Ms.  Edy was in charge of the reservation, Sir Arnold, was one of the pioneers in the said establishment and Sir Justin, was the General Manager. However, we were not able to meet the busy chef.

   The place was huge and has ample parking space. Every corner of the house was converted into a dining area each with different themes. The outside portion facing the parking space was a veranda where you can have a drink or two with your friends or officemates.
The inner part was a bar with various wines and spirits.
The main entrance of the buffet area was in the right side of the house and it was simply fascinating. And you will be welcomed by charming staff.

Primero Casa Filipino offers Modern Filipino Food.  And the desserts corner will be the first to allure you of all the sweet stuff it offered in a conspicuous manner.

The main courses were placed in the middle portion of the beautifully lit room where some works of arts were also placed to give added splendor to the room.


On the second floor was a spacious room which can be converted into a conference room depending on the number of participants.  


The whole place was clean, homey, comfortable and well-designed if not at all elegant.

For the starters,  there were the following:
Egg Salad
Mustasa Wrap
Steamed Tofu Cake
Fried Lumpiang Shanghai

Karnevorous Pizza
Baguette Canape
Hawaian Coleslaw
Sisig Shooters

Likewise, a Pinoy Salad Station was place where the different vegetables  and fruits  of your choice for salad was presented.

For the main course, there were the :
Roasted Angus Beef
Steamed Mayamaya

Crispy Pork Belly Lechon

Seafood Kare-kare
Chicken Pastel
Fritata Vegetable

Fried Tilapia 

Braised Pork Ribs
The carbs were :
Pasta Tomato Cream
Garlic Fried Rice
For their dessert, close at hand were the chocolate muffins, banana pudding and choco marbles which you can spread with chocolate fondue. Native kakanin like palitaw and buchi were also offered and so with some fruits like chunks of watermelon and pineapple.

Their special ice cream of various flavors and halo-halo will only be served upon request.

Since there were a lot of customers, I was not able to taste some of it. However, the appetizers that caught my attention was the Mustasa Wrap which has a pleasant taste and the Sisig Shooters but it was a little bit fatty to my taste. My favorites were the crunchy and tasty Fried Lumpiang Shanghai. I had some servings of the Pasta Tomato Cream, Roasted Angus Beef which was flavorful and soft to the last bite, Fried Tilapia, Stir Fry Vegetables which was my favorite. It tasted fresh, crunchy and sweet. The pasta tomato cream was good for those who watch their diet. The taste was not so creamy.  I am a dessert lover and I was not disappointed with their taste. My favorite was the choco muffins and choco marbles. I love choco... I had a sumptuous dinner and it was great.  I will definitely be back with some of my other friends and relatives.

For only P398.00 for weekdays and P498 on weekends, it is sulit na sulit talaga.

By the way, we were informed that Primero Casa Filipino (PCF) do not serve the same menu everyday, except for the Roasted Angus Beef and the Crispy Pork Belly Lechon. So, before you do visit PCF, we suggest that you call Ms. Edy and inquire on their menu for the day at 921-2448 / 921-1850. Happy eating!!

To Mr. Kim Marcelo. Thank you for the opportunity of "getting to know" Primero Casa Filipino.