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Friday, May 30, 2014

The Enchanting Batis Aramin.

It was almost 2:00pm, I was in front seat of the van. It was hot inside and I was perspiring. My back was soaked with sweat and I was worried that I might get sick. We were traversing the South Expressway, when our boss sent a message in my cellphone that we need to stopped by the first gasoline station after Alabang. 

Three cars in a convoy and some of us have not taken their lunch yet. Since we will be spending travel time of almost 5 hours before we reach Lucban, Quezon, it was a good idea to gobble some burgers. I was right, my blouse was wet so I headed to the comfort room and with the help of an officemate who happen to follow me, dried my blouse on the blowdryer. 

It was my first time to go to Lucban. We have been planning this event for a couple of weeks already and we were all looking forward to a refreshing team building activity. The destination was BATIS ARAMIN Resort and Hotel.

After our quick stop, we begun our journey...lo and behold! The weather became favorable and the aircon of the vehicle was getting colder. My back was dry and I was enjoying the sight... traffic, sun, rain, sun again, lots of trees, rice fields, cows, carabaos, crows, tricycles, cars, bus, people, old, young, gasoline station, cr, plants, zigzag roads, Calamba, Pansol, Los Banos, Bay, Pila, Sta. Cruz, Pagsanjan, Cavanti, Luisiana... and its getting darker... and atlast we reach LUCBAN. I saw the statue of the Kamay ni Hesus on top of the mountain and smelt the fresh air.     

We passed by some joggers and were awed by the beauty of the mount Banahaw.

 We were exhausted but happy when we reached Batis Aramin. 

We were billeted in Anahaw Room. It was a fully air conditioned room with 2 queen size beds, 6 double decks, 2 bathrooms and a 32 inch flat TV with cable. It was well lit, clean and comfortable. 

The swimming polls were of different shapes, sizes and depths. But what I like the most, the place has lots of trees. It gives us the needed shelter and protection from the sun rays. 

They said that the water was cold but some of us were able to enjoy the night swimming while the others were belting out their favorite songs.

After breakfast we went around and we saw the hanging bridge, restaurants, reception halls, souvenir shops and ...the adventure camp... we tried the zipline, wall climbing and rappel.

After which we rest at the mountain overlooking the 
Mount Banahaw then back to our room.

The adventure was fun, exhilarating and it was what we needed. 

All of us had a good time... our next stop was Kamay ni Hesus.